The latest trend in online sports betting is the advent of the Cash Out feature. Many bookmakers now give you the option to Cash Out your bets while they are still live in-play, typically on Football, Tennis and Basketball betting. With a select few going one step further by offering a partial Cash Out feature, where you can Cash Out part of your original stake and leave some on for the win. No longer do you have to wait until the final whistle, you can Cash Out your bets and bank a profit or cut your losses before the game has finished!

Cash Out With Betfred

Cash Out your bets with Betfred, simply select the bet you want to Cash Out, click confirm and the funds will be instantly available in your account.

Cash Out is restricted to a limited number of sports and markets on Win Singles and Multiple sports bets.

When you place your bets look out for an icon that will be displayed alongside the events and markets which support Cash Out, you'll find Cash Out is available on loads of football bets placed in-play so you can cut your losses or take an early profit.

Betfair Sportsbook

Betfair Cash Out

You can bank your winnings or cut your losses at any time with the new Betfair Cash Out feature.

Cash Out your Win and Each Way UK and Irish Horse Racing bets in-play and between legs! You can also Cash Out Win Singles and Multiples on a variety of sports including Football, Tennis, Golf and much more! Simply hit the yellow Take button to Cash Out your bet.

With partial Cash Out available, use the slider to determine how much you want to Cash Out and how much you want to leave on for the win!


Cash In With 888Sport

Cash Out your live bets with 888Sport using the brand new live betting Cash In feature.

Check the Cash In button on the event page to see how much your bet is worth as the game progresses and Cash Out your bet to lock in a profit or cut your losses.

Cash In is a great addition giving you more control over your Football, Basketball and Tennis betting. Don't let a Buzzer Beater get you down or that last minute winner dampen your spirits, Cash Out your bets and bank a profit.


Partial Cash Out

Cash Out your Football Pools bets with ColossusBets! At certain times ColossusBets will offer to buy your live tickets that have at least one possible winning line.

The offer will be made between legs or at half-time of one your chosen matches. If you choose to Cash Out, you'll keep that amount regardless of the result.